The candidates selected. A. will not have to find a place to live.

A. will not have to find a place to live.

B. must speak basic Portuguese.

C. will have to teach young children.


A. People have to buy something to be able to park for free.

B. The Orchard Mall restaurants are on the fifth floor.

C. The Orchard Mall is located in the city centre.


A. Tom is interested in the music festival.

B. The boys have not made plans for Tom’s visit yet.

C. Mark invited Tom to stay for a month.

Section 2

Read the text below and decide if the statements 7-12 are True or False.

On your answer sheet, mark:

A if it is true

B if it is false

7. The writer trained every day before leaving for Nepal.

8. The members of the writer’s group met in Dingboche.

9. Some of the climbers wanted to quit because the training was not challenging.

10. The group’s planned climb was cancelled because of the weather conditions.

11. Some members of the writer’s group died as a result of a snowstorm.

12. Ama Dabam is 5,500 metres high.

Section 3

Read the text below and choose the correct letter A, B or C for each space 13-20. Mark your answers on your answer sheet.

13. A. were asked B. have been asked C. is going to ask

14. A. really B. probably C. recently

15. A. must B. could C. would

16. A. place B. position C. part

17. A. were leaving B. had left C. left

18. A. most B. more C. less

19. A. prevent B. cause C. control

20. A. jumping B. hiding C. missing

Part 2 – Writing

You want to thank your friend for helping you with a school assignment.

Write a message of 50-80 words in which you:

· Thank him/her for their help

· Say whether your teacher was pleased with the assignment

· Suggest treating your friend to pizza to celebrate

Write your message on your answer sheet.

Part 1 – Reading and English in use

Section 1

Read the texts 1-6. What does each text say? Choose the correct letter A, B or C. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.